Photograph Restoration Course in Dublin using Adobe Photoshop

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Are you Looking to take a course in Photograph Restoration? Then Check out Dublin Photography Schools latest workshop. Do you have a precious family photo which has been in your wallet for many years and is now full of marks, folds or scratches from wear and tear? Maybe you have found a box of old photographs in the attic which have fallen foul to some damp mould or water damage? With the photoshop skills that you already have, take them to the next level and learn a fantastic new practical skill with our photo restoration workshop. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to restore your precious memories to their former glory. Throughout the day you will be taken from preparation and scanning to cloning and patching. This practical workshop will be in the comfort of a dedicated computer, multi media lab room which provides everything that you need. A basic knowledge of photoshop is recommended for this worshop.

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See the Photograph Restoration Course in Dublin on The Dublin Photography School Website Here:

Macro Photography Shoot Dublin

Macro photography courses Ireland

Join DPS (Dublin Photography School) and other photographers for a morning of Macro photography in the National Botanical Gardens. Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects (insects, plants, flowers & so on). With that in mind the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin are an ideal shooting ground and will provide you with everything that you need to achieve some amazing pictures. Learn how to achieve the results by slowing down your work and come away knowing what equipment is needed and the finer points of nailing down your techniques. There will be two DPS tutors on hand and demos with tips and techniques will be given throughout.

We are also offering the option to purchase macro rings from our website and have them brought to you at the shoot. Just look for the option when paying by paypal.

See the Macro Photography Course on The Dublin Photography School Website Here:

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Dublin Photography School or as a lot of our guys have taken to calling us “DPS” and we hope to launch new programmes over the spring and summer 2016, These Beginner Photography Courses will take Place in Dublin but we are hoping to roll a few Photography Courses around Ireland soon.



a quick overview about dublin photography school, who we are and the photography courses we run in dublin.

Looking for information on Photography courses in Dublin & Ireland?.

photography courses dublin

photography courses dublin

So why Take a Photography Course in Dublin with DPS?

Dublin Photography School are one of Ireland Premier providers of digital photography courses. Since we opened our doors in 2010 we have had over 4000 students sit our various photography classes, courses and workshops. From a basic introduction to DSLR photography to studio and Photoshop workshops we do it all. Based in the centre of Dublin city only a short walk from bus stops and luas lines, we operate our classes from 56 Aungier Street, Dublin 2. With ample parking and public transport, it’s no wonder we choose such a great location for our base.

Dublin Photography schools photography course

Dublin Photography schools photography course


So what photography courses do we provide in Dublin?

Here is a list of the photography courses, classes and lessons we provide;

Our Night & Evening Photography Courses:
Digital SLR photography & an introduction to Photoshop
Improvers Digital SLR photography & advanced Photoshop

Weekend Photography Courses & Workshops:
1 Day Digital SLR photography course
1 Day Improvers Digital SLR photography course
Wedding photography workshop
Studio photography workshops
Flash photography workshop
Black & White photography workshop
Street photography workshop
Sports photography workshop
Creative landscape photography workshops

Photoshop for digital photographers workshop


Dublin Photography schools photography location shoot

Dublin Photography schools photography location shoot

I’m a complete beginner, I’m just looking to improve my photography not become a pro, are your courses for me?

In a word; ABSOULETLY! While we can cater for any level of student be they novice, improver or advanced, most of our courses are designed and aimed at beginners /novice. Most of the students that come through our doors have no previous experience our have been playing around with automatic modes for a while and what to get more out of there DSLR cameras. Our courses are delivered in friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with a realistic down to earth ethos. What is important to us is that our students come away feeling confident with their cameras and that they have a understanding of photography rather than reams and reams of technical information. Our bottom line is that we teach principals not technology. And we know that what most people want from a course is simple things like how to fix common problems like dark images, or blurry shots as well as simple guide on how to frame and compose better shots and capture the action, of course we have more advanced courses should you wish to progress.

What photography equipment do i need to sit a Dublin photography school class?

All you need to sit any of our courses is a DSLR or Bridge camera with full manual controls, and we recommend a tripod and a remote release. If your looking to pick one up we sell them here. We supply pens, pads, paper and any notes that you may require.

Do we provide photography training for staff or business?

We do indeed; we have worked with multiple businesses of all sizes all around Ireland, from small sole traders to international marketing businesses and everything in between. We can design and tailor any photography training you may require and can take classes in our premises or pop out to your place of work to provide photography training. We work closely with business to make sure that your employees get the most out of the training we provide.

Photography holidays ireland

Photography holidays ireland

Do you provide Photography holidays or photography tours in Ireland or Europe?

We have recently teamed up with Travel Department to offer our customers a range of photography holidays in Ireland and around the world see here for more details.


Photography courses ireland

Photography courses ireland

Do you provide workshops outside Dublin or in other parts of Ireland?

Yes we do, although we do not run them as often as we do in Dublin we run a serious of photography courses and workshops nationwide as well as offering outsourcing and lecturing services, to photography, camera, and work clubs all around Ireland.

Our ethos:

We are not techno-mad, pixel crazy photography nerds (ok maybe a little!) but we realise that most people want to come away from a photography course not the next Ansel Adams! but confident that with a little practice and luck that they can capture great images, of the family, the holidays, the dog, their best friend’s wedding, landscapes and a few street shots. And that’s what we aim to deliver. When people ask us, what the average student you cater for like? Its a very difficult question. Our students come from all walks of life, all ages from 17-70, male and female, techy and not so techy and all who sit our courses have one thing in common THEY LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY! And want to meet other people with a similar interest of all levels.

Dublin Photography schools one day wedding workshop sample image

Dublin Photography schools one day wedding workshop sample image


How do I sign up for a photography course with Dublin photography school?

Simple have a look through our site and decide which course is for you contact us here, or just click and pay with our PayPal option and we will send you a confirmation email with all relevant detail of the course etc.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Camera While Traveling.


Let’s face it; it’s not about masterpieces….. it’s about memories, the faces, the places. When we dig a dusty album out of the back of the book shelf in 10 years time it won’t be sharpness, noise or megapixels we will be worrying about. It will be the flood of recollections that coming rushing back to us. but it never hurts to get a better image! With that in mind I decided to write an article with simple tips to get the most out of whatever camera you have.



Typical Camera Mode Dial…These will vary from brand to Brand

Mode Dial: Your camera comes with many built in camera modes, essentially your camera is a fancy calculator, and can only make decisions based on its program like any computer, by changing the mode on your camera dial, you are giving your camera a heads up to the kind of scene your trying to photograph, while these will vary hugely from camera to camera most brands will have these settings:







Camera Modes

Landscape mode: this is designed for creating images with a large depth of field; depth of field is a fancy way of saying that everything in the front and the background of the image are sharp.

Portrait mode: this mode is designed for photographing people and will often try to give a small depth of field (a blurry background).

Flash Mode: this mode use the flash in the camera to light the scene automatically.

Sports Mode: this mode freezes the action so anything moving stays sharp. This can be used anywhere you need to freeze the action, not just sports.

Macro mode: this is used to photograph things close up, like flowers and insects.

While these settings will not do wonders for your photography they will help you get the best out of your cameras automatic functions.


Composition is king: Composition is a fancy way of saying how you frame your picture in camera, what you leave in and leave out. Even if a photo lacks sharpness, clarity or is noisy a good composition will go a long way to improving it. Here are some very basic tips on how to improve your Composition



Higher ISO lets you capture sharper images in low light.

ISO: Avoid blurry images by raising your ISO. Sharp photographs in low light is the holy grail of photography, thankfully most cameras even camera phones nowadays allow you to change your ISO. To get sharper shots in low light increase the ISO number in your camera menu. Now be aware as in most things in life it’s not for free, having a higher ISO setting in your camera will increase noise (coloured grainy dots in your image) so as soon as you don’t need it anymore lower it back to between 100-400 ISO for normal outdoor shooting. High ISO is used at night and indoor areas with few windows.






Use P mode Or Flash Mode when taking images of people or in dark places.

Using flash: when asked, most people will tell you that they do not like flash. The main reason for this is that it is used badly often. But with just some simple adjustments its very easy to get some very good results.


Step one: Set your camera mode on P or the flash symbol.

Step Two: Stand between 6 and 8 foot from your subject.

Step Three: Put your subject with their backs to the sun or Light source (doorway, window etc)

Step Four: Move your subject away from walls etc (this will eliminate flash shadows in the background)

Step Five: you’re ready to go……just take your shot

A lot of people don’t realise that flash on compact cameras and P mode is mostly a automatic process and requires you to pay attention to your distance from subject more than anything else.




A mini or table top tripod can be bought for as little as 5 euro and can be carried anywhere.

Use a Mini Tripod: a mini tripod is one of the best way to get sharp shots no matter the environment, these will set you back a only few euro at worst and can fit into pockets and bags very easily.


Print your images off: while this is not strictly a photography tip, it a great way to see your work. Ask yourself how many images have you lost because of damaged memory cards, lost phones, broken laptops etc, how many images do you have your device right now that you are meaning to print off but never get around to. So get them out of your camera and onto paper as soon as you come back.







Photo books are an ideal way to keep those memories of your trip together and easy to store place.

Bonus tip: photo books are a great way to create a log of your trip, they are easy to make and inexpensive and can be made in most photo labs within an hour. And will sit right on your book shelf instead of a dusty show book in your attic.












Stewart Kenny is a photography trainer and guide with Dublin Photography School, Stewart teaches photography students of all levels in Dublin and surrounding counties

Stewart Kenny is a photography trainer and guide with Dublin Photography School, Stewart teaches photography students of all levels in Dublin and surrounding counties as well as leading photography holidays in Ireland. To see more about his Photography courses in Dublin see here